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The Physical and Visual changes that have taken place in the Charley area

Precambrian Igneous and Metamorphic rocks underlie the area and during the Ice Ages these rocks were overlain with glacial deposits. Now, in numerous areas, due to erosion the underlying rocks are exposed or very close to the surface.

These Geological changes that shaped the areas physical features made the Charley area rugged in parts and very un-productive in general until the enclosure of the Charnwood Forest area.

Following the Enclosure Act of the early 19th Century the better land in the area was subdivided into fields and bounded mostly with dry stonewalls constructed of stones picked from the newly cultivated fields and small localized quarries. The more rugged land was either left as stunted woodland and moor land, or planted up with both native and non-native trees.


Currently, due to the current dire economical state of farming, some of the land originally "Enclosed" and brought into production is now “set a side” or is being planted with native trees as part of The National Forest scheme bringing about yet another subtle change to the appearance of the area.

The interesting Physical features of the Charley area


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