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hoto of the east front of Onebarrow Lodge

Onebarrow Lodge

Onebarrow Lodge was built following the Enclosure of the Charnwood Forest originally as a “hunting box” by Mr Kirby Fenton, a coalmine owner of Thorpe Hall in Yorkshire. Because of his wealth he was able to bring into cultivation a large proportion of his 536-acre Onebarrow estate, but on the land not suitable for cultivation he either planted thousands of trees or left it as rocky moorland. He also had built cottages for the estate workers, some still standing, Fenton Cottage being one.

The current owners of the estate purchased it in the early 1880s and various farming tenants occupied it until the 1990s when One Barrow Lodge and its adjoining farm buildings were demolished.

It overlooked the Blackbrook Reservoir and had (and still is) one of the best vistas in the area.



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