The Logo of the Charley Heritage Group


To celebrate the Millennium the Charley Heritage Group was formed with the aim of producing a Parish Map using the talents of people living in the Parish. It was to record places and events, in a pictorial fashion, in Charley at that time. To accompany the Map two booklets were produced.

The Map Booklet that gave a brief written account of the items and events of interest in Charley that were depicted by the small sketches around the Maps border.

The Field Name Booklet that listed the names used by the Farmers in the parish to identify their fields by in the year 2000 .

The finished project was enthusiastically received and the hand-drawn and hand-painted map, measuring five and a half feet by four and a half feet is visually excellent. Smaller versions were printed and presented along with a copy of each booklet to every household in the Parish.

The original map is displayed in the Guest House of Mount St Bernard Abbey and a full-scale copy hangs in the Parish Rooms at Oaks in Charnwood.

Funding was obtained from "Awards For All" enabling the Group to produce the maps and booklets.

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