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Blackbrook Reservoir in the height of summer, complete with a green alga bloom. This may appear to be a scenic shot but it illustrates the affects of pollution. Photo taken from the bridge over the reservoir near to the site of the now demolished One Barrow Farm.

The Blackbrook and Reservoir

The Blackbrook and part of its original course beneath the Blackbrook reservoir form part of the north-eastern boundary separating Charley Parish from Shepshed.

In recent years like many of Britain’s rural watercourses it is under constant threat and its water quality has declined due to pollution from modern developments and farming practices.

The Blackbrook has its source in a field near to the new Ridgefield Farm and dairy unit and it flows down the Vale of Charley entering the reservoir in a secluded and very picturesque valley at the side of Botany Bay Lane. Its main tributary that joins it on the west side of the M1 has its source near to and flows through the new industrial development at Louella Stud.



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