The Logo of the Charley Heritage Group

Where on Earth is Charley ?

Charley is a Civil Parish located in the beautiful Charnwood Forest area of North West Leicestershire, England.

The Aim of the Group

  • To continue its research into the history and the heritage of Charley
  • Make this knowledge available to as wide an audience as possible

On viewing this site it is hoped that if you have further information about the Parish you will be prompted to share it with the Group and in doing so allow the Group to make it available to everyone visiting the site in the future. Alternatively if you have any queries regarding the Charley Area, its Buildings, History or Past Inhabitants please contact us and we will endeavour to help you.

You can contact the group by email
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It is the Group's policy not to pass on any email address that we may receive as result of this link, unless you specifically request us so. This is to help prevent you from receiving junk emails and "spam".

Further information regarding the Group